Our Staff

With a passion for children and the cooperative model, the Darcy Read teachers bring over 60 years of combined experience to enrich your child's development.
Diane Miyawaki (2's)
3s and 4s Teachers Coming Soon....
Carol Terrana (School Advisor)

Our 2's class teacher, Diane Miyawaki, began her journey working with children and their parents in 1978 where she herself was a parent in the

Parent Education

Program at Highline Community College. The following year, she was invited to be the assistant to a Parent Educator, working with families of infants to two-year olds. As the years passed, she graduated into teaching in the cooperative preschool system, working with 2's and 3's and their parents. Her journey has been one of great satisfaction. According to Diane "The joy preschoolers bring to my life still amazes me each and every day...I love their innocence and curiosity and strive each day to expose them to new and challenging experiences."

Carol is our school advisor and was a teacher with Darcy Read Preschool for 30+ years. She earned an Associates degree and majored in Art with the intention of teaching art to

children. She took a break from teaching to work as a flight attendant for 7 years. Carol, and her three children, attended the Highline College Parent Education program for five years where she won a parent of the year award. She has worked as cooperative preschool teacher for ages 2 - pre K for many years. Carol constantly strives to further her knowledge of the best practices in early education through classes, National Early Education Association conferences and attending and teaching parent education programs. She truly enjoys teaching young children and opening up the world of knowledge through hands on experiences.