Our cooperative is successful because of the active families putting time and effort to make sure their child's environment is not only clean and safe but also enriched by the other families in the cooperative through group activities such as our parent meetings (falls under volunteer hours).  

Current enrolled families must put in 5 hours clean up time and 14 volunteer hours as part of their commitment to the school.  We hold every family accountable.  For us to be able to monitor hours we created a log sheet, which is checked by the class representative, membership coordinator and vice-chair.  Failure to complete required hours gives the school the right to deposit a post dated check written in the beginning of the school.  

Volunteer Fee:  Postdated check(May of following year) for $100.  We have the right to deposit this check if you don't fulfill the 14 hours as stated in the Participation Agreement that is turned in during orientation and in the parent handbook.  You may have 3 excused missed parent meetings. Excused meaning you have notified both a teacher and class representation.  

Clean up Fee:  Postdated check(May of following year) for $75.  There are plenty of opportunities to achieve the required 4 hours. You will

need to attend two clean up parties and take home items to be cleaned at your home. We have the right to deposit

this check if hours are not fulfilled as stated in the Participation Agreement and parent handbook.  


We understand life happens and there could be more than three missed parent meetings or missed cleaning

opportunities, and in this case, the board will decide whether to deposit checks.  We review situations/reasons on

a case by case bases.  But remember we would rather have your time and effort than your money.