About Us

Darcy Read Memorial Cooperative Preschool is proudly named after Darcy Read, a long-time educator of preschool students (and their parents) in the Federal Way/Des Moines area. Darcy was an amazing woman who lovingly guided students through creative play, art, music, and movement in a warm, accepting environment where kids were allowed to just be kids! Her love and excitement for children was contagious!

It is our hope that her legacy can go on through the next 

generation of students who will pass through the doors of Darcy Read Memorial Preschool. Here, students and their parents will begin the new and exciting world of preschool together surrounded by others who share the same goal - to actively participate with their children in their early education program in a supportive, loving, diverse environment.

Our Program Focuses on the Following:

  • School Readiness

  • Literacy Preparation

  • Love of Learning

  • Parent Participation

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Darcy Read Memorial Cooperative Preschool is a registered Washington, not-for-profit school, supported through our monthly tuition and fundraising efforts. The Darcy Read Preschool is owned and operated by the Parent Members and Parent Board.

9/10 - First Day of School (2s,4s Class)

9/11 - Board Meeting 4-5pm

9/12 - First Day of School (3s Class)

9/17 - Parent Meeting 6-7pm