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Meet the Board Members 2015-2016

  Elizabeth M. - President
   Erica R. - Vice President
Angela S. - Treasurer 
 - Secretary
                   Grace G. - Membership coordinator
        Stevie S. - 2's classroom rep
        Sarah S. - 3's classroom rep
      Patty C. - 4's classroom rep
       Diane M - 2's class teacher
                           Carol T - Treasurer and 3's class teacher
         Colleen F - 4's class teacher
The board members positions are:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership coordinator
  • Classroom coordinator (one from each class)

The board members is made up of parents of current enrolled students.  The board sets and enacts policy for the preschool.  All board members share in the following commitments:

  1. Attend monthly board meetings
  2. Attend monthly parent meetings
  3. Assist in planning the fall orientation, open house, and any events throughout the school year
  4. Attend and assist in the discussion groups at the fall orientation, board meetings and parent meetings. 
Whom To Call When...
  • Questions about activities or curriculum
  • Quesitons or concerns about classroom behavior
  • Questions or concerns about guidance and redirection used at shcool 
  • Quesitons about "what to do" in classroom
President/Vice President
  • Questions about the "business" of the preschool 
  • Questions or concerns regarding the volunteer job duties and volunteer hours
  • Suggestions or agenda items for parent educaton/board meetings
Classroom Cooridnator
  • Questions about school events, activities, and important dates
  • Questions about your role in the classroom
  • Questions or concerns about the in class pariticipation schedule
  • Questons about the minutes of the board meetings
  • Questions about fees and scholarships
  • Questions about the annual budget or financial records
  • Update contact information 
  • Concerns regarding leave of absences
  • Enrollment/withdrawal process